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Jackie’s desire is to bring hope and to encourage the listener that no matter the situation, there can be hope. Christ has come to give us life, and that life can be abundant, joyful, overcoming, peaceful and sometimes hectic – but rarely dull and boring.

Jackie’s life has been filled with trials that can shake a person’s believe system to the core. Trials that can cause a person to lose hope in others who were supposed to love and look out for them.  And trials that may cause people to question if there is really a loving God. She has experienced being adopted, the death of her father when she was 12, physical and mental abuse, divorce, children’s near-death medical issues, financial hardship, and the drug abuse and eventual death of her son – but above all, she has experienced God’s undeniable strength and hope during these trials!

How do you forgive?  How do you love again?  How do you trust and how do you have hope?  Jackie shares different aspects of her story in a very relatable and sometimes humorous way that encourages audiences to practice faithfulness, forgiveness, grace and hope. 

This is Jackie’s passion. Let her share it with you.

More About Jackie

John and Jackie Scott

Jackie has been married for over 30 years to her husband John and together they have raised 3 boys. Life has brought Jackie numerous adventures and misadventures but through it all her Faith has been a constant companion.

For more than 20 years, Jackie has been speaking to churches, women’s groups and other organizations, sharing life experiences and encouragement. Many of her topics include having Hope in the midst of trials. She is a woman of great Faith and knows that her experiences have taught her that God can do anything! She has led marriage seminars (with her spouse John), youth events and women’s events.

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Jackie would love an opportunity to meet you and speak at your next event or church meeting. No matter where you’re located, Jackie can come and provide inspiration to your group. What you will get when you hire Jackie is a passionate and life affirming speaker that can challenge and offer hope regardless of what challenges you’re facing.

One of Jackie’s core themes is “Hope in the Midst.” In a world where hope seems to be sorely lacking and conflict is on the rise, Jackie will show how, no matter what situation you’re facing, it is possible to have hope in the midst. She is truly inspiring.

Contact Jackie and let’s get your event on her calendar!

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